Denver International Spirits Competition 2021 Results

Published On: June 27th, 2021 | Categories: Competitions | Tags: , |
West Bottoms Whiskey Co. Kansas City Whiskey Wins Double Gold at Denver International Spirits Competition

Just a few months after releasing our Kansas City Whiskey, West Bottoms Whiskey Co. entered that bottle into the Denver International Spirits Competition and was awarded a Double Gold Medal designation! That award means our Kansas City Whiskey is considered in the top 3% of American blended whiskey submissions.

The Denver International Spirits Competition is conducted double-blind by a seasoned panel of beverage professionals. The judging panel consists of sommeliers, retail buyers, journalists, mixologists, and beverage directors. All judges undergo a daily calibration class designed to maintain consistent evaluation and scoring of all spirits.

Thank you to the judges and organizers of the Denver International Spirits Competition! You can now find a bottle of our Kansas City Whiskey in liquor stores, bars, and restaurants across Missouri and Kansas.

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